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物理优秀校友回访母校学术报告:孟菲斯大学 彭晨晖 助理教授
发布日期:2019-05-17 浏览次数:

报告题目: Active fluids and their bioengineering applications

报告人:彭晨晖 助理教授 美国孟菲斯大学 物理与材料科学系

报告时间:2019521(周二) 下午4:00



Dr. Chenhui Peng is an Assistant Professor in Department of Physics and Materials Science in the University of Memphis from Aug. 2018. He got his BS degree from Qufu Normal University in 2007, M.S degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011, PhD degree from Liquid Crystal Institute of Kent State University in Ohio in 2016. Afterwards he did Postdoc work in MIT from 2016 to 2018. His research interest include active soft matter, biophysics, electrokinetics, polymer, colloidal self assembly, microfluidics and their bioengineering applications and his work have been published in Science, Science Advances, Nature Communications and Advanced Materials etc. He got Alfred Saupe award in 2015 and he is also the recipient of the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, top tier extraordinary special award, 10 out of 500 in 2018.


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